The newest way of enjoying smoking is through a vape. Vapes don’t actually burn the tobacco, or oil, they vaporize them. This way of consumption is popular because it can be done indoors and doesn’t have any harmful secondhand effects. It even smells good! They are incredibly customizable and can be made to suit any need.

Vapes vs Cigarettes

The advantage of vapes over cigarettes, pipes, chew or cigars include:

  • No lasting odor
  • No yellowing of the teeth or nails
  • They are cheaper to use than cigarettes in the long run
  • No fire hazard from burning tobacco
  • No more dirty ash trays and cigarette butts littering the sidewalks
  • Less hazardous chemicals than cigarettes
  • The social impacts of cigarettes has become negative in recent years
  • Huge variety of flavors to choose from

The Savings Are Worth The Drive

You know what goes great with your fishing boat out on the lake? A smoke. How about a vape in your hunting cabin? Our smoke shop has everything you need to get you the best smoking experience possible: a wonderful staff full of knowledge, a huge selection and competitive prices. We have everything you need down at H&H Fireworks.

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