Vape Pens

Vape pens are small and look like a cigar or cigarette. They are electronic and can be recharged with a USB cord. Vape pens are perfect for indoor use because they don’t release any secondhand smoke. Perfect for portable use and in many social situations where going outside for a cigarette might be inconvenient. If you are a first time vape user, you may want to consider getting an unmodified vape pen due to their potency.

Benefits of Vaping

The benefits of vaping over cigarettes, pipes, cigars and chew include:

  • No lasting odor
  • They are cheaper to use than cigarettes in the long run
  • No fire hazard
  • Less hazardous chemicals than cigarettes
  • The social impacts of cigarettes has become negative in recent years
  • Huge variety of flavors to choose from

The Savings Are Worth The Drive

You know what goes great with your fishing boat out on the lake? A smoke. How about a vape in your hunting cabin? Our smoke shop has everything you need to get you the best smoking experience possible: a wonderful staff full of knowledge, a huge selection and competitive prices. We have everything you need down at H&H Fireworks smoke shop.

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