Tobacco originated in the Americas and was used by the Native Americans long before European explorers guided their ships to the Western continent. Today people all over the world consume it in some way or another. With the popularity of mass produced cigarettes, many people are disconnected from the rich and flavorful experience of this wonderful plant.

Different Varieties of Tobacco

Our smoke shop offers many different varieties and flavors of tobacco for those who truly wish to appreciate the beauty of the plant. Tobacco is cured in four different ways for many different uses, these include:

  • Air cured for cigars and cigarettes
  • Fire cured for pipes, chew and snuff
  • Flue cured for cigarettes
  • Sun cured in the Mediterranean for use in cigarettes

Unbeatable Prices

Rolling your own cigarettes is cheaper than buying cigarettes by the pack or even the carton. You can roll cigarettes by hand or use a crank to quickly roll your own. Pipe tobacco can be bought by the ounce for maximum freshness and quality. Our staff will help your find the right product for your smoking experience! Take the stress out of cigarettes and stop by our smoke shop today! You won’t be disappointed.

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