Gun Repair

Shooting guns can take some wild turns. Sometimes things get a little out of hand and guess what? You need some repairs. No worries! Our gun shop has special technicians to provide any needed gun repairs. We will help you get ready for rifle season. Don’t let a broken gun cut into your time in the woods or leave you and your family unprotected.

Need Your Gun Repaired?

Let us take a look and fix the problem. Our gun repair services include:

  • Failure to feed—when a round doesn’t come into the chamber
  • Failure to eject—shell casings hitting the port or shell casings hitting the scope
  • Cracked parts from the force of firing the gun
  • Misfires which can be a huge safety issue
  • Any deformities of the firing pin which can damage the gun and lead to misfires
  • Double feed—which occurs when the magazine is defective often because of worn feed lips

An Unbeatable Price

H&H Fireworks gun shop has everything you need to get ready for rifle season. Our pricing will always be fair, and our technicians honest and dependable. Stop in and ask us about any gun issue you might be experiencing and we will be sure to fulfill your needs.

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