What does a gun need besides a responsible owner and a noble purpose? Ammunition! Without ammunition, your firearm will just look pretty in your gun cabinet. Whether for hunting, target practice or personal safety, without proper bullets a gun can’t function correctly.

The Right Ammunition

Bullets are actually older than firearms and were projected using slings. Now that guns have been invented, the bullet has found it’s true purpose. Different sizes of ammunition include:

  • .22LR is the most common caliber of bullet for rifles.
  • 9mm are used in police issue handguns
  • .40S&W used by the FBI for more accuracy in shooting
  • .38 Special is most common in revolvers, this bullet was used for the FBI for many years, but did away with it because it was slower than the 9mm
  • 7.62x39mm was used in the AK47
  • 12 gauge is the most popular size bullet used in shotguns

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