Gun Shop

Thinking about doing a little target practice? Do you enjoy hunting? Want to step up your home security? Do you just like the weight of a gun in your hand? Then stop by our gun shop and check out our vast selection of guns and accessories. Some of our accessories and services include:


Looking for a quality gun at a competitive price? Look no further. At H & H Fireworks we offer a large variety of guns. We carry rifles and muzzleloaders for hunting to handguns for personal protection or target practice.  Come in to our store or shop our online store.

Gun Holsters

In Michigan, any licensed individual may carry a concealed pistol or handgun. In the movies they always stuff it into the back of their pants. That is not the proper way to carry your gun. Check out some of our gun holsters and find the best fit for you and your firearm.


We offer a wide range of ammunition for your firearm. What good is a gun without a bullet? Without ammunition you’d just be carrying around a rather complex paperweight. Find the ammunition you need, hassle free. Not sure what you’re looking for? Then ask our staff, we have the experience needed to get you loaded!

Gun Repair

The safest weapon is one that is functioning correctly. If you have problems with your firearm, bring it by the gun shop today. We will solve your problem with care and efficiency. Let our licensed technicians take the sweat off your back!

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