Fishing Reels

The reel, connected to your fishing rod, pulls the line back in. This is how you get your catch out of the water and into your cooler. Don’t find yourself without one this summer. Make your life easy by checking out our selection of fishing reels.

Variety Of Fishing Reels

We have many different types and brands of fishing reels and will help you find whatever you need. Different types of fishing reels we carry include:

  • A fly reel gives smooth tension to your line when fly fishing
  • A centerpin reel is popular in Australia for catching heavy fish and allows the reel to rotate on its axis
  • The baitcasting reel allows for a greater ratio of line to be taken in when cranked compared to other models
  • Conventional reels are used in offshore fishing and intended to catch large fish, they are often used when deep sea fishing
  • A spinning reel sits below the rod and is used for catching lightweight fish
  • Spincast reels fixed many of the problem in baitcast reels and allowed for more lightweight baits
  • Underspin fishing reels sit beneath the rod and are used with spinning rods, they also allow for lightweight bait. These reels are known for their versatility and for the length of time they can be used.

The Savings Are Worth The Drive

If you’re serious about your fishing game, come to H&H Fireworks today. Check out our fishing shop and come to us with all your questions. We love to help you!

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