Fishing Lures

They’re pretty, they smell good and they look like food… if you’re a fish that is. Without a lure, the fish would just see a piece of metal floating in the water and swim away. The lure is what gets them to bite. Don’t let the fish ignore your lure. Check out our fish shop today for our vast selection of fishing lures.

Large Selection Of Lures

We have many different types of lures, these include:

  • Jigs often use live bait, such as a worm or a small fish to attract the attention of the fish. It is weighted by a lead piece attached to the hook
  • Surface lures look to the fish like prey on top of the water. These types of lures can be difficult to use and often require a lot of experience
  • Spoon lures attract fish by reflecting light in the water with their concave surface
  • LED lures use a light to attract fish’s attention
  • Plugs look like other fish moving around in the water
  • Artificial flies are often tied by the fishermen themselves and resemble winged insects to the fish
  • Fish decoy are designed to look like an animal that might attract a fish, when the fish notice them, they are speared by the fisher

Unbeatable Prices

Come check out our fishing ship for the best deals on fishing lures, reels and rods. Our staff will answer any question you can think of about fishing gear. You won’t be disappointed.

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