Fishing Shop

Make a great day even better by spending it relaxing in a boat in the middle of a lake. Enjoy the heat from the sun warming your back and the morning songs of birds floating out from the trees. Top it all off with a fishing rod and that is perfection. Our fishing shop has everything you need and more to prepare for all your days out on the lake. Come to H&H Fireworks for your fishing needs. Our products include:

Fishing Rods

The rod holds everything together. Without it you’d be throwing string into water and heaving it up like pulling back a man overboard. Fishing would just be silly without one. Don’t be silly. Buy our fishing rods.

Fishing Reels

The reel pulls the line back in, it’s how you get your catch out of the water and into your cooler. Don’t find yourself without one this summer. Make your life easy by coming to our fishing shop and checking out our reels.

Fishing Lures

They’re pretty, they smell good and they look like food… if you’re a fish that is. Without a lure, the fish would just see a piece of metal floating in the water and swim away. The lure is what gets them to bite. Don’t let the fish ignore your lure. Check out our fish shop today for our vast selection of fishing lures.

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