Triple Threat

When it comes to bolt action rifles, Browning often comes to mind, and when you think of Browning rifles, the name “Medallion” symbolizes beauty, strength, and function. Whether you enjoy target practice or you are an avid hunter looking to take down game such as deer, elk, and even bear, you can’t go wrong with the Browning A-Bolt Gold Medallion .270.


The beautiful wood grain stock found on every Browning A-Bolt Gold Medallion .270 means that no two guns in the series will look exactly the same. Your rifle will be uniquely yours, and as the gun ages, your prized rifle will continue to take on a character of its own. This rifle is as fun to look at on your gun rack as it is to take aim and shoot.


Although the Browning A-Bolt Gold Medallion .270 is a beautiful weapon, this doesn’t mean that it lacks power. One pull of the trigger and the rifle’s recoil will assure you that it’s ready for the hunt. While it is an excellent rifle for taking down game such as deer and elk, many have reported to use it for hunting wild cats and even bear.


Beauty and strength are meaningless if the gun doesn’t function well. The Browning A-Bolt Gold Medallion .270 is consistently accurate right out of the box and is beautifully constructed. Because it’s a Browning, you know that it is durable, and because it is a bolt action, you know that it is not likely to jam. With this rifle, you can hunt with the confidence of knowing that your shot will come away clean and with accuracy.

Whether you are a collector looking to add to your collection, an experienced hunter looking for a versatile rifle, or a novice hunter wanting to purchase your first firearm, a Browning A-Bolt Gold Medallion .270 won’t disappoint you.