About H & H Fireworks

For several years we have offered the largest selection of fireworks at the most competitive prices. Upon entering our store, you will be blown away by our beautiful variety of fireworks and our knowledgeable staff. Check out H & H Fireworks and ignite your summer holidays! Our rich selection also includes:

  • A Gun Shop
  • An Archery Shop
  • A Fishing Shop
  • A Smoke Shop

Summer Summer Summer!

Can you imagine a summer without lighting sparklers down by the lake? Firecrackers and Roman Candles? H & H Fireworks has everything you need to make your fourth of July the greatest in memory. Need a more relaxing activity after the excitement of celebratory fireworks? Check out our fishing shop and gear up for a day on the lake with only the sky and water to keep you company. If you love to shoot, then check out our gun and archery shop. If you’re a smoker, be sure to check out our smoke shop. We’ll hook you up with the best selection and deals on all vape accessories. Trust us, the savings are worth the drive!

8979 W Houghton Lake Dr.

Houghton Lake, MI 48629


Mon - Sat: 8am to 5pm
Sunday: 8am to 5pm

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